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Want to know how to add a timer on Google Forms? With Google forms, we can only create a form but to add the timer function you need the help of addons.

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Reality Check Quiz made easy using QSM! (7 minutes read)

Reality is not always pretty, but it is the truth and its acceptance is a major step in a person’s personal growth. Questions like “Are you happy with your work?” or “Are you happy in your relationship?” are likely difficult to answer for many in this era. Urban life has us on our toes and

How to fix the “Nonce Validation Failed” Error in QSM?

Are you receiving the “Nonce Validation Failed!” message while trying to submit a quiz/survey on QSM? In this article, we have explained what this means and how this issue can be fixed. What is “Nonce” in the first place? Nonce -> ‘n once’ are security tokens in WordPress. Nonces are being used by thousands of

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QSM themes that the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin has to offer are one of a kind and really stand out for every different genre of various websites. Even so, many of the times, we overlook the fact that these themes actually play a very important role whenever we are making any quiz or a

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If you have not taken a Four Tendencies quiz, this is your sign! Have you ever wondered why things seem difficult to work despite your best efforts? Or why sticking to targets is easier for some and harder for others? Motivation is the one key factor to completing tasks and achieving targets in personal and