Google Sheet Connector

This addon automates the process of sending form responses in real time, with responses immediately synced to your selected Google Sheet.

Paypal and Stripe Payment Integration

With this addon, create paid quizzes and tests on your website and allow users to pay by credit card or transfer payments using Stripe and PayPal payment processors.

Save & Resume

The Save & Resume addon allows you to save and resume unfinished quizzes/exams and allow people to complete the quiz at their convenience.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics addon helps in tracking quiz and survey submissions and deliver custom events when visitors complete your quizzes and surveys.


You can use the Logic addon to add logic and conditions to your quizzes and surveys. Displaying questions based on the user’s reaction humanizes your quizzes.

Reporting and Analysis

This plugin enables you to analyze quiz/survey results through the use of various charts and graphs. You can even filter and export the data for further research.

Zapier Integration

By automating your work, this plugin can save you time and help you achieve more powerful results. Connect various services and send your results to over 700 websites.

Export Results

This addon enables you to export quiz results as a CSV or PDF file. You can export fields such as correct/incorrect responses, total correct answers, total questions, score, and so on.

User Dashboard

Display a personalized dashboard to your users that includes Quiz/Survey information such as the Quiz Name, Score Earned, Time Taken, Time to Complete, and so on.