How to Find out What WordPress Theme a Site Is Using?

Are you confused about whether that website which you recently visited is using WordPress or not? Well, that’s relatable. We’ll help you out. WordPress is a popular and free Content Management System. It is a platform that lets its users create, edit, archive, collaborate, report, publish, and distribute content. Various leading websites use WordPress as

How to create an Online Exam or Quiz during COVID-19

Coronavirus aka. COVID-19 has affected millions around the globe spreading beyond geographical boundaries. And the year 2020 will be remembered as it is going to change our take on the future. Most of the countries are affected by this pandemic and it will take longer for things to get normal.

How to Create Category wise Random Questions Quiz?

The latest addition to the QSM plugin brings category wise random questions quiz creation. Allowing you to create a quiz with questions of a particular category

Introducing Advanced Timer Addon for QSM

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin's timer feature just got better thanks to the Advanced Timer Addon. This addon adds more value to the already existing timer function awesome new features, like better graphics and more options.

How to create a Quiz with Random Questions?

You want to create a quiz that asks random questions to the user from a pool of questions. Just like this? Asking random questions makes the quiz/survey more interesting and also makes the test less boring when you allow the user to attempt the quiz/survey multiple times and especially when the test is long.  There

How to create a Timer based Online Exam in WordPress?

Want to create an exciting online exam for your users which is timer-based and display on your WordPress Website for free? We've got you covered! We have an awesome Wordpress Plugin just for that, its called "Quiz and Survey Master" that will help you in this process.

Create quiz with slider question type

Keeping the tradition alive of releasing exciting new features, we’ve come up with a new Question Type called “Polar” (or slider). This new feature enables users to share their answer by adjusting the slider between the two options.

New Addon – Sync with Google Sheets

Do you want to connect your Quiz and Surveys to a live Google sheet and share with co-workers? We have just released a new addon to do just that, click on the link to read more about it.

How to Perform Marketing Operations through QSM – For WordPress Website Owners

Whether you are a newbie in the domain of WordPress or a full-fledged website owner, marketing operations are a must to attract visitors, convert them to customers and retain them for as long as possible. There are millions of websites active on the internet and to ensure that your website remains one step ahead, you