How to Create an Interesting Constitution Quiz – Step by Step (6 minutes read)

Have you ever taken a Constitution quiz? Do you know what the constitution of your country says? Or are you among those 90% of the people who are unaware of what the constitution even has in it? Well do not fret by those words, it is not a race to learn the constitution by heart.

4 Effective Ways to Collect Zero-Party Data with a Quiz

Quizzes have always been a source of entertainment for every age group alike. Simultaneously, the quizzes also can be used to collect zero-party data. But do we know what is zero-part data? How is it collected? And more than anything else, how quizzes are used to collect this zero-party data? Let us learn about what

6 Great Reasons to add GIFs in a Quiz (5 minutes read)

Ever seen GIFS in a quiz before? Well, don't get shocked because they are everywhere! Learn why and where you can add GIFs in a quiz, without posing too obvious

Christmas & New Year Offer – WordPress Quiz Plugin [25% off]

Who doesn’t want to engage traffic or witness higher customer interaction? Well, everyone does. As a matter of fact, website owners go to great lengths to adopt methods that can, in a way, improve the functionality of their online website and help them gain greater customer attraction.  Odds are that you might have also implemented

How does an eCommerce Quiz boost Marketing? Learn in 3 simple steps

Generating leads could be a difficult task in today’s competition. An eCommerce quiz is a type of tool which is frequently used by marketers to gain traffic for their product or service in question. Even so, if you are not aware of what an e-commerce quiz actually means, we are here to tell it all.

How to boost Marketing Funnels with Surveys? (3 simple steps)

If you are looking to boost your marketing funnels with surveys, you are just at the right place. Sales surveys are in trend at the moment and we are all here for it! We will talk in length about how it is done and which is the best WordPress survey plugin. (You guessed it right

How to promote an online course with a quiz? 5 steps

In case you heard that if you promote an online course with a quiz, you can sky-rocket your traffic, then my friends, you have heard it right. To promote an online course with a quiz, you need just two things, one is, of course, your online course which you want to market, and the second

8+ Best Full Site Editing Themes for WordPress

WordPress full site editing themes, also known as block-based themes or WordPress FSE themes, are here to stay, whether we believe it or not. The Gutenberg editor had a mediocre reception when it was released in version 5.0. Millions of WordPress users still prefer the original editor, as evidenced by the classic editor plugin’s 5

10+ Best WordPress Booking Plugins of 2022

Managing your bookings and appointments on your website might be tough at times. We have brought to you the best WordPress booking plugins. It is critical to choose a program with a straightforward, well-organized interface when scheduling meetings, reserving your services, or making event planning. You will get an automatic online booking and scheduling process

Hide My WP (not Ghost) – Hide Your WordPress!

Hide My WP is a WordPress security plugin, capable of multiple security features such as Hiding WordPress, Stopping Bots & Blocking Attacks against your WordPress website. This article is a detailed review of this plugin with specific use cases. Let’s first create a disposable WordPress website using InstaWP. Installation Upload the plugin to the WordPress