What Is the Difference Between a Poll and a Survey?

A poll and a survey are two common tools used when you need an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. Here, in this blog, we will show you what is a poll and a survey and the difference between them.  Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress survey plugin, that helps people in making

What Are Public Opinion Polls?

Public opinion is the most powerful force in the world. Public opinion polls help the government to make policies and businesses to know which product will sustain the market.

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How to Make an Amazing Mobile-Optimized Survey in WordPress?

Did you know that a mobile-optimized survey is ranked higher by Google? Mobile browsing makes more than 50% of digital media time and there are high chances that your surveys can be performed on mobile. And that’s why it is important to consider mobile users while creating a survey.  Quiz and Survey Master is a

How to Use the WordPress Flashcard Plugin to Make Online Flashcards? (5 Simple Steps)

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How to Create a WordPress Popup Survey and Build a Mailing List? (9 Easy Steps)

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How to Use Template Variables in Quiz and Survey Master?

Quiz and Survey Master is a leading WordPress Survey plugin that has various template variables which you can use to make your data personalized.

How to Present Survey Results in a Report?

Quiz and Survey Master is a great WordPress survey plugin that helps you analyze the results of your surveys and can present survey results in a report.