A Look Back at 2017

As I sit here planning Quiz And Survey Master's goals in 2018, it is important to look back at 2017 to evaluate our goals, successes, and failures. I know many of QSM's users are in a similar position in their business as QSM so I decided to share all of our data from 2017.

Reviewing Our Progress For 2015

Now that we are into the new year, I think that it is always important to review our past year to see how the business performed, if we met our goals, and prepare our goals for this year. I thought that I may be able to help people if I share my progress and thoughts with everyone to see and compare. In this post, I am going to share with you all of my analytics on sessions, page views, referrals, and more. I am also going to share with you all of the revenue and expenses for the Quiz And Survey Master plugin. I hope that you will find this beneficial for your own business and that you will leave your thoughts in the comments.