Over 30,000 WordPress websites are using QSM for showing quiz, survey or even simple forms for their users. We are listing a select few websites which are built with Quiz and Survey Master plugin.

qsm custom css 1

Quiz using custom styles for Food selection.

wordpress quiz example 1

Vidhya Peetham i-School

Secondary school in southern part of India using QSM to conduct online exams. 

Podcast Guest Application

A podcast host is using QSM to collect payments and show forms along with a simple guest application, check it out.

wordpress quiz example 2
wordpress quiz example 3

Online Aptitude Test

TNPC – an online exam prep website is using QSM to help students prepare for exams using live correct and incorrect answers feature.

How vulnerable are you?

Steven has used QSM to show an assessment of emotional vulnerability, very creative use of our plugin to solve a real user issue.

wordpress quiz example 4