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Now that we added your quiz to a post or page, you may decide that you want to adjust the style of the quiz. First, you must edit your quiz. From there, go to the Style tab.

If you have other Quiz and Survey Master styles installed, you will see them listed in the Quiz Styles section. If not, it will default to Custom. To edit the Custom style, make your changes in the Custom Style CSS text box and then click “Save Quiz Style”. If you ever need to revert to the default style, simply copy it from the section on the right.

There are many classes that you can utilize throughout the quiz:

mlw_qmn_quiz‘ – class for entire quiz

‘mlw_quiz_form’ – class for form

‘quiz_section’ – class for each quiz page

‘mlw_qmn_message_before’ – class for message before text

‘mlw_qmn_question’ – class for question text

‘qmn_error’ – class for error messages

‘mlw_qmn_question_comment’ – class for comment fields

‘mlw_qmn_comment_section_text’ – class for message for comment section

‘mlw_qmn_message_end’ – class for message end text

‘mlw_qmn_quiz_link’ – class for pagination buttons (Next/Previous)

‘mlw_qmn_timer’ – class for the timer

‘mlw_horizontal_multiple’ – class for horizontal multiple response answers

‘mlw_answer_open_text’ – class for open answer question types

‘mlw_answer_number’ – class for number question types

‘mlw_qmn_hint_link’ – class for hint

‘qmn_radio_answers’ – class for multiple choice answers

‘qmn_quiz_radio’ – class for radio inputs

‘mlw_horizontal_choice’ – class for horizontal multiple choice answers

‘qmn_check_answers’ – class for multiple response answers

‘qmn_page_counter_message’ – class for the pagination numbers