Online Academy

Online Academy

The training you need to be successful with your quizzes and surveys.

Getting Started

In this 7 minute video, you will quickly see how to install QSM and create your first quiz or survey.

Quizzes/Surveys Page

In this video. you will see how to use the Quizzes/Surveys page to create, duplicate, and delete your quizzes and surveys.

Adding CSS To Your Site

While the built-in style templates the plugin provides meets the needs of most users, there may be a time when you want to make minor changes. You can reach out to support and we may provide some CSS to make these changes for you. You can follow the steps in this video to add the CSS to your site.

Getting Started Workshop (11/09/16)

In this workshop, I will be giving an overview of Quiz And Survey Master and will be walking you through many of its features.

Quiz And Survey Master Menu and Pages Overview

Learn the basic overview of the menu and pages for Quiz And Survey Master, the highest rated WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys.

How To Install Quiz And Survey Master

Learn how to install the Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin in this quick video.