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You can use the Logic addon to add logic and conditions to your quizzes and surveys. Displaying questions based on the user’s reaction humanizes your quizzes.

Drip Integration

Grow your mailing list with quizzes and surveys, and create user-friendly drip email courses and feature-rich marketing automation

Premium Bundle

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All QSM Addons in one single and affordable package. Over 34 addons are included in this package and new addons are added automatically. Save over $1500 by buying our bundle.

Landing Page

Send the user to a simple landing page with just the survey or quiz to guarantee that the form is completed without distraction.

ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit can help you grow your mailing list with quizzes and surveys by establishing straight forward drip email sequences and strong marketing automation.

Reporting & Analysis

This plugin enables you to analyze quiz/survey results through the use of various charts and graphs. You can even filter and export the data for further research.

Campaign Monitor Integration

Run Complex Marketing campaigns with Campaign Monitor and expand your subscriber list by adding individuals who attempt your quizzes and surveys!

Zapier Integration

By automating your work, this plugin can save you time and help you achieve more powerful results. Connect various services and send your results to over 700 websites.