How to Create Powerful Quizzes for Teaching? (6 Minutes Read)

How to create powerful quizzes for teaching? #1 Always offer feedback or follow-up #2 Change the time of the quiz you will take in class #3 Question and content mixture #4 Ask relevant questions

How Do You Conduct a Quiz Competition in 5 Simple Steps

Turning the quizzes online can be a task, but you can always learn through it! We will discuss today how you can conduct a quiz competition for students and how you can improvise your pre-existing online quiz competitions. But before we jump into the technicality of it, you should have a better understanding of what

12 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins to Engage Your Readers

Are you trying to increase user engagement on your website by using WordPress quiz plugins? If you haven’t already, now is the time to get the top WordPress plugins for your website. The popularity of interactive content has risen over time. On news websites, eCommerce sites, social media sites, emails, and online courses, you can

What Is the Difference Between a Survey and a Questionnaire? (3 minutes read)

The main difference between a survey and a questionnaire is that a questionnaire is a set of written questions and surveys are deeper, which collect detailed data.

How to create a Fitness quiz in WordPress in 3 steps!

Hunting to learn how to make a Fitness Quiz? Your search ends right here! We bring to you the best way possible to create your favorite Fitness Quizlets using the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin! Before going onto the quiz-making process let’s go through the basics and build upon them. If you are a newbie

Create The Office Trivia Quiz in 4 easy steps!

The Office is one of the best sitcoms to have aired of all time. And therefore, The office trivia quiz is liked by everyone! Even in the 2020s, it is very popular among all age groups. It is the most beloved show in the history of television. It is the gratitude of one of the

Create a Quiz Using WordPress Quiz Plugin and Offer Certificates (4 Easy Steps)

The article provides a step-wise guide on creating Quizzes and Surveys using WordPress quiz plugin along with steps to offer free certificates.

How to Use Template Variables in Quiz and Survey Master?

Quiz and Survey Master is a leading WordPress Survey plugin that has various template variables which you can use to make your data personalized.

How to Create an FNAF Quiz in WordPress? (9 Easy Steps)

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is a very popular videogame of the survival horror genre. An FNAF quiz will help your target audience to know which FNAF character they resemble the most.

How well do you know your best friend quiz? (5 minutes Read)

Even if you are not one of those trendy girls, you must have heard of the best friend quiz or the best friend challenge quiz, right? Remember the time in the lockdown of Spring, you and your best friends shared that best friend challenge quiz among your group to find out who knows whom better?