Add Quiz Takers To Your Lists In Campaign Monitor

Have you ever wanted to have your site visitors to have the option to join your Campaign Monitor mailing list while taking your quiz? With our new Campaign Monitor Integration addon, you can do just that

Version 4.4.0 Is Out!

If you check your updates on your site, you should see that Quiz Master Next has a new update. I know that it has been a little while since the last update but we plan on getting back to our 2 per month update cycle starting with this update. So, what is in this update?

Send Results To Zapier With Zapier Integration

There are many times that you would like to send the results from your quizzes or surveys to different websites or services. What if you want to create a Trello card everyone time a visitor completes your survey. Or, maybe you want to have a list of the students who have taken your test in

Post to Slack with Slack Integration Addon

Slack is quickly becoming the main communication platform for many businesses and teams. We here at My Local Webstop use it for communicating among members of the team and even with some clients. Now, with our new  Slack Integration addon, you can have your quizzes, surveys, and tests post to your Slack when a user takes the

Become An Affiliate For Quiz Master Next

I have been asked by many users about becoming an affiliate for Quiz Master Next. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where a business awards commissions to users for each customer who purchases the product that was referred to the business by the user.  So, I have decided to set up an affiliate program for Quiz

Now Accepting 3rd Party Addons

Are you a WordPress developer? Interested in developing and selling a Quiz Master Next addon? Well, you are in luck! We are looking for developers who are interested in submitting new premium addons for Quiz Master Next. We are now accepting 3rd party addons into our Addon Store so, if you are interested, feel free to