Wordpress Quiz Plugin

In user engagement, the quiz plays a beneficial role. We can use the quiz and survey section of our website to get valuable feedback from the user. WordPress quiz plugins that you can easily set up a test page for your future visitors. For WordPress quiz plugin, adding quizzes to your page is very easy as there are lots of premium and free plugins available.

It is the best WordPress quiz plugin that can be highly optimized and effective. This plugin also comes with many features such as “Matrix sorting” option, right/false answer messages for all queries, HTML queries, answers and this plugin also supports multiple languages. This plugin can help you create a variety of highly professional quizzes for your WordPress page.

It is one of the top WordPress quiz plugin. This awesome plugin comes with Buzzfeed Skin and produces two forms of quizzes: personality and trivia (true/false) quizzes. The main feature of this plugin is that it provides a stable platform for social networking and sharing to post your questionnaire, to see the answers. This feature makes your quiz viral. All the features mentioned below are:

  • Import/export quizzes
  • Multi-pages quizzes
  • Monetization feature
  • Analytics feature
  • BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme
  • Keep track of how long a user takes a quiz
  • Show all questions on one page or keep only one question per page
  • Many attempts can a customer make to take a quiz
  • Set a time limit on one quiz
  • Allow user to share results on social networks
  • Allows you to create a certificate for the user

It saves endless questions, unlimited responses, user ratings to share on Twitter and Facebook, providing results via buttons.

It is the simplest and flexible way to add multiple quizzes, assessments and surveys to your website. This plugin allows infinite quizzes for unlimited questions. The plugin will enable you to link to any page and use a customized shortcode to create quizzes.

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