Thank you for being a Quiz And Survey Master user! By responding to this survey, you are helping us ensure our plans align with your needs.

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How do you use QSM?

This section of the survey is about how you use QSM.

How many Quiz And Survey Master sites do you have?

What kind of quizzes or surveys do you create with Quiz And Survey Master?

Out of the following proposed features, which ones do you need the most?

How are we doing?

This section of the survey is about how effective we have been in helping you.

How responsive has our support team been to your questions or concerns?

How satisfied are you with the quality of support that you have received from our support team?

Can you briefly describe your interaction with our support team?

If you have used our videos or documentation, how helpful were they for you?

How has your experience been?

This final section of the survey is about why you looked for a plugin like QSM and how your experience has been with using it.

What led you to look for a quiz or survey plugin?

Explain in as much detail as possible the reasons behind your needs and the search process.

How would you describe your website and how you use Quiz And Survey master? e.g. I run a florist website where I use this plugin to survey users on favorite flowers.

What are two ways that we can improve Quiz And Survey Master?

How likely are you to recommend this plugin to a friend?