Creating Your Quiz

The first step in getting your plugin set up is to create a quiz for users to take.



To create, edit, rename, or delete your quizzes, first navigate to the Quizzes page by using the Quizzes menu. To create your first quiz, lets click on the Create New Quiz button. You should see a popup appear like the one in the picture below.



From here, simply enter a name for your quiz and then click the Create Quiz button. You should now see your quiz in the table of quizzes.

Lets take a look at the different options on this page. To edit the name, simply click the Edit Name link next to the quiz’s name. To delete the quiz, simply click the Delete link under the name. To see the results for only this quiz, simply click the Results link. To create a new quiz with the same settings, simply click the Duplicate link. This will have a new popup appear where you can enter the name of the new quiz. Finally, to start editing your new quiz, click the Edit link under the quiz’s name.

Now that we have our quiz, let’s start adding questions!