Adding/Editing Questions

The first step to adding or editing questions for a quiz is to navigate to the Quizzes page. From here, locate the quiz you wish to edit and then click the edit link under the name. This will load the Quiz Settings page. The first tab we see is the Questions tab.




At first, you will be looking at an empty table. However, as you add questions, this page will become more exciting. So, let’s create your first question! To start, scroll down to the Add New Question text area.



First, the Question Type option is very important. This option tells the plugin what type of question you would like this to be. You can choose from many types such as open answer (text) or multiple selection (checkbox) and many more. More types are being added all the time, so be sure to keep your plugin updated.

This large text box is for your question. This field can take any text as well as HTML. You can even embed Youtube videos or add any type of image that would be useful for your question! To add media to your question, simply click the “Add Media” button.

Below that, you will see the answer section. First, click on “Add New Answer”. This button will make an answer field appear. To the left side of the Answer is the “Delete” button. This will allow you to remove a particular answer. The text box to the right of the answer is for the amount of points the answer is worth if you are using the point system. Finally, the checkbox is to mark it as a correct answer if it is one. If you need more answers, click the “Add New Answer” button. Each question can have an unlimited amount of answers; however, most questions should probably stay in between 5 and 10 to keep it simplistic for your users.



The next area of fields is the Question Options area. Only relevant fields for your question type will appear here. This will allow you to edit several different aspects of your question. The first of these options is called Correct Answer Info. This is a very exciting field for some quizzes. Say you had a question such as 4*3 and the answers were 12, 43, and 2. When the user completes the quiz, the plugin will show the user the results. You can enter text in this box to say “4*3=12 because 4+4+4=12” so the user knows why 12 was the correct answer.

The next field is the Hint field. Text entered in here will make a hint link appear below the question. When the user hovers over the link, the hint will show.

The Comment Field option allows you to have a text box directly below the question for a place where a user can enter comments about the question. Leave this option on none to not have a text box appear.

The Question Order option tells the plugin where this question is in the quiz. If you have 10 questions, you can rearrange them by changing this option. If you will be using random questions or if the order is not important, you can simply leave this as 1 for all questions.

The Required option makes it either required or not required to answer this particular question. This is useful for surveys when the user might not have to answer every question.

The last option, “Category” allows you to add a category to your question. If a category has already been created, the category name will appear next to the category option. If you need to create a new category, bubble in the button that says “New:” and type out your new category.


Now, click Create Question to create your new question.




You should now see your new question in the table. Underneath the question’s text are three options. If you click the edit link, your question, answers, and all question settings will appear down in the large “Edit Question” text area and associated fields.



If you click the delete link, you will delete the question from the quiz. If you click the duplicate link, you will create a new question that is identical to this one.

Now that we have our questions set up, it is time to start customizing our quiz text!