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Who doesn’t want to engage traffic or witness higher customer interaction? Well, everyone does. As a matter of fact, website owners go to great lengths to adopt methods that can, in a way, improve the functionality of their online website and help them gain greater customer attraction. 

Odds are that you might have also implemented a plethora of strategies to boost website traffic, right? 

Apparently, some would have worked and others dramatically failed. And that happens! There is no sure-shot way or a one-in-all tactic to uplift website engagement. Where one strategy might work for you, it won’t for someone else. 

We don’t think so! Do you have the slightest idea about quiz and survey master plugin

If not, that’s the reason you said what you just said above. Don’t worry, because this article will put an end to all your skepticism.

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin 

As the name resonated, QSM is an excellent extension that gives WordPress website owners the ease to embed and integrate engaging quizzes within their website. It has everything that you would need to create surveys and keep your customers attached to your website. 

Needless to say, the higher the interaction, the greater is the traffic and similarly, the more the revenue. 

And this is not the only thing you get, this WP extension has an array of additional features that would entice you to go ahead and download the same. 

Features of QSM

  • One-click survey creation within the website
  • Range of choices available. From checkboxes to multiple answer questions, text boxes for a detailed description and true/false based quizzes, QSM entails all. 
  • Unlimited result pages that can bring customized according to your terms. 
  • Emails after every quiz results
  • Point-based and grade system adds flexibility within the quizzes 
  • Share results on social media
  • Allow users to schedule quizzes on the go. 
  • Timers to keep track of educational quizzes
  • Limit the number of attempts
  • 12+ add-ons to improve the efficiency of conducted quizzes

How to Install the QSM plugin?
Fascinated right? 
Let’s move ahead and see how to install it: 

  1. Hover around the WordPress portal and go to settings 
  2. Navigate to General Settings, click on Plugin -> Add New Plugin 
  3. In the search bar, enter Quiz And Survey Master to search for the plugin
  4. Click on Install Now to install the plugin and follow the prompts to successfully complete the installation process. 
  5. Once done, activate the plugin visiting the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. 

What else? 

The quiz and survey master plugin is easy to use and comes with plentiful of add-ons that are proven to upgrade the quiz quality. And voila, these add-ons, though paid, are now available at a whopping 20% discount. You can avail the offer and get your choice of add-ons this Christmas season. 

Whether you want to embed a timer or generate reports, the quiz and survey master plugin helps you do all, in a single click. 

Step ahead and get your plugin today.

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