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Creating quizzes or conducting surveys on your online website is definitely an excellent idea to boost the engagement rate of the users. Not only does this trigger the readers to visit the site but also push them to interact and connect with it, right? 

No wonder that you planned on integrating a WordPress quiz plugin and ended up installing the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. It might also happen that you witnessed an upsurge in the traffic count of the website but that’s just one side of the entire picture. 

As you aware of the fact that QSM comes with an array of integration options, each tailored to optimize the functionality of the plugin and in a way, account for better performance of the website? 

Well, if you are still not sure, this article might shed some light. Adhering to the need to optimize the questionnaires and surveys created for your website, we introduce six of the most efficient integrations for the plugin. 

6 Suggested Integrations for QSM Plugin

  • PayPal & Stripe Integration 

For the websites that conduct paid questionnaires and surveys or charge a fee for the users to pay and participate in the quiz, you would need to add an option where they can pay. Instead of integrating third-party tools, you can opt for the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin’s PayPal and stripe integration. An easy to embed and one-click installation integration, this allows website owners to lock quizzes and add a payment portal for the users to pay. The integration will cost you $29.

  • Synchronize With Google Sheets

Simply creating the website without tracking results would do good no good. It’s always important to know what are the quizzes conducted and also trace results back to the user. Doing this manually would consume a lot of time. With the exceptional QSM plugin, you can integrate the Synchronize with Google Sheets add-on and link all of the questionnaire related information with the Google sheets. This integration is available at a decent price of $29.

  • Save & Resume

Quizzes that work endlessly without having the option to save it and resume again have a poor engagement rate. At times, users are knocked down by unfavorable conditions and need to stop the quiz. 

In the absence of the above feature, they would need to start the quiz once again. Don’t worry! QSM will help you get rid of such instances. The save and resume integration of QSM helps you add a button in the quiz where users can easily save the questionnaires with their answers and resume it when convenient. This is available at $19 for a single site. 

  • Leaderboard

Planning to give your users a taste of their success? Integrate the freely available leaderboard add-on as rendered by the QSM plugin and give them the ease to track their performance and see who tops the list. This motivates candidates to take retest and come up with a better score. 

  • Summary Emails 

Available at a whopping cost of $25, the summary email integration by QSM is effective when users expect a summary of all the questionnaires they took in a course of a month or a week. Instead of sending emails after every quiz, pitching one at the end of a week is a better way to assess the candidate’s performance. 

The Final Word 

In a nutshell, QSM is a storehouse of features, needed to optimize the website quiz efficiency. So, what do you think? Which one would benefit your business?

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